Term & Conditions

1. The Business Associates / Distributors / Sales Representative will need to undertake to offer for sale of Max Way Products in according with the following terms and conditions.

2. In all dealings within the scope of the segment, It is hear by acknowledged and agreed by the parties here to that the relationship created hereby is that of in depend on business between the contracting parties (principal to principal) and is not, and shall not be deemed to be any other relationship, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, that or joint venture, bailment employers/employees, principal and agent, or partnership. The agreement does not make the distributor/business associates/sales representatives, its employs agent’s associates as employs, agents or associates of the Max Way for any purpose what so ever.

3. The Max Way reserves the wrights to alter / change the business plan, product, rates and terms conditions form time to time and the same shall be acceptable to all business associates/distributors/sales representatives. No separate notice shall be served to any business associates/distributers/sales representatives or any other person or person regarding change or plan or terms and conditions etc ,such notice shall deemed to be served to all concerns and persons as and when it is uploaded in website to Max Way.

4. The distributors / business associates / sales representatives. Undertakes and agree with the Max Way that it will at all time during the continuance of this agreement , observe and perform the terms and conditions set out in this agreement or modified time to time an further agrees to comply with the existing central, state or local laws as farmed time to time.

5. Payment to be made in terms of agreement to the distributors / business associates / sales representatives through cheque and the same will be subject to deduction of tax at source wherever applicable as per the provisions or the tax act, 1961 and in additional to that 10% of the income of the distributor/business associates/sales representatives shall be deducted as administrative charges. In case any pay out day false on holiday the same will be automatically scheduled for next working day.

6. All other tax and liabilities rising in connection with or out of the agreement transaction pertaining to the distributorship shall be responsibility of the distributors/sales representatives.

7. The distributors / business associates / sales representative shall not accepted the payment in case rising out of sale of Max Way products and all payments shall be acceptable through DD/bankers cheque in favor of Max Way. Payable at shimla. The Max Way shall not be responsible of any cash payment at any place or any person.

8. The distributor / business associates / sales representative shall display the logo of Max Way as designed by the company for promotions of the business of the Max Way only. However, the distributor/business associates/sales representative shall not used the trade mark patent or any other intellectual property rights of the company for any purpose other than the promotions of the business of the company.

9. The Max Way shall not responsible of any damage or deficiency in service or service rendered by the distributors/business associates/sales representatives.

10. That the distributor / business associates / sales representative will introduce such persons to Max Way. Who will act in accordance with the operational directives of the Max Way. Issued from time to time’s.

11. Company participation or induction as business associates / distributors / sales representatives necessarily warrants that business.Distributors/business associates/sales representatives have understood the business and the Max Way. Current marketing programmed, communications and methodology of doing work of participation also means that the Max Way. Is not relying or any other representation that is not contained her in or any other official communication of the Max Way.

12. The Max Way has sole discretion to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason.

13. Distributors / business associates / sales representative will be response to regular cheque the website for any up gradation/amendments the Max Way. Will neither undertake to send any direct letter nor use any other medium other than specified above.

14. In case of any change of address or phone no or e-mail id or any such information consider vital for the Max Way. It will be the distributors/business associated/sales representatives sole responsibility to keep Max Way informed through registered letter only.


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